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Affinity Proteomics Workshop

Recent event:  8th Workshop on Affinity Proteomics, March 13-15 2017, held in Alpbach/Austria. 


Regarded as one of the best meetings on antibodies and other protein-binding molecules and their role in defining the proteome. The combination of excellent science with mountain scenery and winter sports creates an exceptional meeting atmosphere. 

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HuProt™ Arrays

We supply HuProt Human Proteome Microarrays, the most extensive arrays of full lengths human proteins available on the market today,  putting over 19,000 proteins at your fingertips.


HuProt™ arrays contain over 19,000 individual yeast-expressed recombinant human proteins. Applications are in quality control of antibody specificity or for discovering autoantibody targets.

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Our Screening Services

Are you looking for novel autoantigens? 

Is your antibody really specific?

Need a proteome-wide interaction screen?

We offer fully bespoke screening services on HuProt™ arrays. Send us your samples, receive the results.


Benefit from our experience and fully equipped laboratory when it comes to protein microarray application and analysis. 

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